A Primer Guide To The “It Foods” Of 2020 (Probiotics, Kombucha, & More)

You would think that going into the year 2020, after decades and decades of people creating new foods and finding new plants to eat, we’d be just about done with discovering anything. However, as the world becomes more connected than ever before, we are constantly finding healthy foods, foods that just taste good, and mixing new foods together. As such, new trends will constantly emerge. 

Of course, you should know before you start adding new foods to your diet whether or not they may upset your stomach. If you are a foodie and adventurous, now may be the time to start adding supplements and stomach enzymes from BiOptimizers to your daily routine. These will help to prepare your stomach for everything you are throwing at it – click here to find out more: https://bioptimizers.com/best-stomach-enzymes-what-are-they-how-they-help/.

Like kale and kombucha before them, these are bound to be the “It Foods” of 2020:

Plant-Based Meats

Many chains have added plant-based options to their menus, from burgers to chicken sandwiches, tacos to breakfast bagels. Vegans and vegetarians are growing in number and fast food needed to keep up – and it has worked. Fast food restaurants that have embraced Beyond Burgers, Impossible Meats, and other substitutes have seen growth that far outpaced the competition. 

That is going to continue into the new year. Expect to see gas stations, restaurants, and more grocery stores carrying different brands of plant-based proteins. Some of the buzzy options include hempseed, mung bean, and even watermelon seeds. 

Kombucha Continues

Kombucha used to be considered a West Coast thing, but more and more people are drinking the fermented tea. While it has been available in most grocery stores (albeit shunned to the “healthy” sections), expect to see it available on tap in more restaurants and bars, in gas stations, and even on menus through 2020.

People have really developed a taste for the beverage and more and more flavors are emerging. While most people have their favorite brands, don’t be shocked to see some big names entering the ring as it heads to middle America.


Nootropic is a category of food, not a type of food. Nootropics are foods that promote brain health and healthy nervous systems. As the population of the United States gets older and boomers start to face health problems, expect to see a rise in foods that sustain brain health. Nootropics do just that.

What are nootropics? Probably foods that you already eat, including salmon, walnuts, broccoli, seaweed, blueberries, and eggs. However, one food that was buzzy this last year that many people haven’t adopted yet is also included in this list: turmeric.


A favorite of Mexico, jicama is a root vegetable that tastes somewhat like radishes, water chestnuts, and potatoes mixed together. By itself, it isn’t great. However, when you mix it into dishes or add some spices, it quickly becomes alive. 

Jicama is high in antioxidants, packed with nutrients, and promotes digestion, major areas of concern for many people. The easiest ways to incorporate jicama into your diet are to slice it into salads, eat it in slices with dip, or to add it to stir-fry.

Oat Milk

Oat milk has been popular on the coasts for a long time, but it is about to go national in the new year. Oat milk is a fantastic alternative to traditional dairy milk because it acts as a nearly identical substitute in many recipes. In particular, it is one of the best to use in coffee drinks because it froths up as real milk does.

Even better, oat milk can be shelf-stable which means more grocery stores will carry it.


Get ready to see collagen added to everything, from sports drinks to coffee. Collagen has been called a fountain of youth because it prevents wrinkles, helps hair and nails stay strong, and even helps with joint strength. Many people who go to the gym or who pay attention to fitness and wellness trends have already started drinking this in their coffee or by taking daily shots of it, but expect the rest of the country to catch up soon.

CBD Isn’t Going Away

One trend that is going to stick around into the new year is CBD everything. As more and more states legalize CBD and cannabis, expect to see it going into grocery stores and gas stations near you. While most products won’t give you the “high” feeling, CBD has been shown to help many health conditions and disorders.

What new foods will you try in 2020? Don’t forget to add stomach enzymes to help you adjust – Visit BiOptimizers.com to find out more information.